When God Leads By Obscurity

“What do you want to do with your life?” my mom asked at the dinner table recently. I just started laughing. This was not the first time she’d asked that question in seriousness in recent weeks. I’m seventeen going on eighteen, a senior in high school. It’s past time to decide what’s next. But the…

The 5-Second Rule Doesn’t Work For Sin

I once saw a meme about the five-second rule. There was a picture of pizza on the ground, and the caption was a conversation that went something like this: Germs: Look, pizza! We must attack! Germ King: No, we must wait five seconds. It’s the rule. Like . . . yeah. That makes total sense….

Pray Before You Vent

“It’s just not fair!” I’ll text my friend. And then, because I’m a writer, it will be quite a few paragraphs full of emotion and typos before I’ll stop with “End rant. Sorry for venting.” She’ll assure me that it’s totally fine, and that it’s good to talk to someone about your struggles. And I…

The Patience and Waiting Time

“[You] said you were overwhelmed and discouraged. I want to tell you something a dear older “grandma” told us last winter- ‘This is the waiting and patience time,’” a friend messaged me last night. Yeah, the waiting and patience time. Here it was again. Not the exact same words, perhaps, but the same message that…

God’s Plans Are Different Than Ours

“His strategies seldom make sense, but His purposes are never thwarted.” -Levi Lusko When I was younger, my family hosted a home church or two. At one point there were at least twenty people coming every week, and it was great. But one Sunday, we cleaned the house, made food, and… no one showed up….