The Beauty of Grace (And Why Every Teen Should Care)

Today’s post comes from a guest writer, Hannah Pirc!

One day, a father came home from work, grabbed a cup of coffee, and settled down in his favorite chair to watch the news. As he flipped through the channels, he heard a news report:

“In Europe, a deadly disease is spreading across the continent. Millions are infected, and scientists are urging people to be tested. Some fear it will spread to the UK and then the US.”

While alarmed at first, the regular routines of the day slowly caused him to forget the danger.

Until one day, it reached his town.

Suddenly, the bustling city was a ghost town. Everyone hid in their homes and listened to the news, hoping to hear what was going on.

Finally they heard some good news – scientists had found a cure. A certain blood type, when transferred to a patient, would cure them of the disease. Every person was urged to get their blood tested.

So the next day, the father and his only son set out for the hospital. After waiting for several hours, the doctor called the father into his office.

“Your son has the perfect blood type. We need all of his blood.”

“All of it? But doctor…”

“Yes, only through his blood can these be cured.”

The Son gave His life so we could be saved.

Does this sound familiar? When I first heard this story (told by Pastor Skip Heitzig) several years ago, it really impacted me. I had learned about Jesus’ death on the cross, memorized John 3:16, and accepted the Lord as my Savior, but for the first time, I caught a small glimpse of the gravity and beauty of His grace.

Sometimes we teens skip over the depth of God’s grace – we hear about it every Good Friday, and sing songs about it on Sunday, but tragically, we miss its beauty.

To imagine someone giving his life for a friend is difficult to grasp, but to die for the very people who had wronged you, hurt you, thrust their wickedness in your face, is unfathomable. But that’s what Jesus did for us – He gave His life even though we often don’t appreciate His sacrifice.

Until recently, God’s grace seemed to me like a theological concept; like something you talk about when you share the gospel with someone.

But God’s grace doesn’t just apply to the sinner’s prayer; it applies to every day of our lives.

I love how the late Pastor Chuck Smith put it – “And that is the greatest joy in life – to experience a genuine love relationship with God. To know that He is for us, that He loves us, is the greatest source of security any person will ever know.”

When we realize that the King of the universe gave His life for us, that He wants a personal relationship with us, our hearts will be filled with gratitude. Every day we must live with this view in mind: His grace is an amazing, beautiful gift.

I want to encourage you all  – don’t lose sight of His amazing grace!

In Christ,

Hannah Pirc


“Hannah Pirc is a 17-year-old young writer who loves to point others to Jesus through her writing. She enjoys writing for Th!nk Magazine, and, with the help of a friend, has self-published her book, Garden Blooms. When she’s not writing, she enjoys playing piano and violin, working on her computer, studying, competing in speech and debate, and spending time with her Lord and Savior. 

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  1. ashes2beautytrout says:

    Amen, Hannah! What a great reminder! I love that story as well. A friend introduced it to me last year and I thought it represented so well what God has done for us. Thank you for writing 🙂


    1. Hannah Pirc says:

      Thank you so much! I am so glad it was encouraging to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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