I’m Not Ok


Me: Hello! How are you?

Friend: Good, how about you?

Me: Good.

*awkward pause*

Friend: Okay, so how are you really?

How many times do we say that we‘re good when we aren’t? How many times do we smile when inside we are crying, hurting, or angry? If you are like me, probably a lot! Why do we do this? Maybe it is because most of the time when people do ask us how we are, they only expect us to answer with the usual, “good.” They don’t want to know more, really, or we don’t think that they do. Maybe it’s because we’ve tried before to say how we really are but have been met with someone nodding distractedly and not really paying attention to what we are saying.

Sadly, we can’t change the people around us. And it really isn’t our job, either…that would be God’s! 🙂 Bu, we can change ourselves and our approach. We can take what we have learned through our own hurts and experiences and love others. We can take the step to ask, “No, really, how are you?” We can also be transparent about ourselves. We can answer the question differently. A good bit of the time, they really do want to know how we are, even if we don’t think so! I have learned the hard way that you actually have to be purposeful about developing a deep friendship with someone… it doesn’t magically go from surface and fluff to real, deep fellowship. Sincerely asking how people are is such a simple yet powerful way to love others, especially since we know that there is a whole lot more behind the typical response of “good” that we usually give.

What about our own needs, though? Our own need to express what is really going on in our lives, and our longing for someone to ask how we are doing? We were not meant to do this on our own! We are not made to try and go through life without support from God and others. That is why God created Eve for Adam, He said that it was not good for Adam to be alone. We were created to simply delight in God and bring him delight! We were made for companionship. And yet, true companionship is really hard to find, isn’t it? In humans, yes. Even if we find people who we can have the kind of fellowship God designed us to have, they…and we…are still human. We will still disappoint, and we cannot completely fulfill that need in ourselves through humans. The real answer is God.

These are the things

That I need to pray

‘Cause I can’t find peace any other way

I’m a mess underneath

And I’m just too scared to show it

Everything’s not fine

And I’m not okay

But it’s nice to know

I can come this way

When I’m with You

I feel the real me finally breaking through

It’s all because of You Jesus

Anytime anywhere any heartache

I’m never too much for You to take

There’s only love

There’s only grace

When I’m with You

Nobody knows me like You do

No need for walls

You see right through

-When I’m With You, Citizens Way


We can’t hide anything from God anyway, and nothing we carry is a burden for God. He longs to hold and support us…to hear our heart, our dreams, triumphs, hurts, disappointments, and struggles. We may not be fine, and we may not be okay, but we can turn to God- even if humans don’t seem to care. And then we can comfort those around us. We can really care, really listen with the comfort and support we ourselves have received from God. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

If you are hurting, or if you know someone who is hurting, please join me in seeking God’s comfort and His arms.

Your sister in Christ,




Hello, my name is Sara! I am also fifteen years old, I am a black-mold fighter, and I like to read, write, act, make jewelry, and have adventures. Most of which tend to be with my family whether it’s a long hike up a mountain or a fun new board game. I also write for Th!nk magazine, a free, online, Christian magazine: mythinkmag.wordpress.com. One of my favorite Scriptures is Psalm 34:5: “Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”

3 Comments Add yours

  1. ... says:

    Hi Sara, I would know where to start if I was to tell of all the things I have been through. The Lord has saved my life 4 times now so He is definitely watching over me and wants me here for a reason. May our wonderful Savior watch over you and keep you safe.


    1. sgwilloughby says:

      Hello! Thank you, He sure has. I am glad that you have been able to see God’s hand in your life in so many ways (although that may not have been the most pleasant way to experience it… and I’m sorry about that). He definitely has a plan for you, it will be so cool for you to see what it is. Even if you may have to wait for it now. I have personally experienced many times that God’s hand in things that I have no idea about or that I don’t understand at all! He is so wonderful. I will be praying for you!
      Your sister in Christ,


  2. Mantubwe-Joy says:

    This is such a great post, Sara! May God bless you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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