Typos and Sin- Part 2


I’ve been thinking more about typos and sin and realized I have a few more comparisons to share. Imagine I am writing something to post on Found Who I Am, and someone points out my typos to me. Now what? Do I leave it as is? No! I want to fix them and clean the post up. I want to make it the best possible is can be!

We easily, however, do the opposite with sin. When we finally see it and acknowledge it, humans tend to think it is just way too much work to weed it out and to rectify all the sin. But would an article look good and make sense if it was full of typos? No. Likewise, a person will not be who they are meant to be, the best that they can be, if they leave the sin. God longs to clean it up, but do we? It just sometimes seems so much easier to allow it to stay. “It doesn’t change the whole person, does it, this one little blot?” But it does!

Another thing I noticed about typos is that they are easy to make. Really easy. They just slip out… and sometimes they have consequences. A friend of mine recently was messaging back and forth in a group chat, while being apart of an online class that was going on at that point. The chat was between all the students. On my screen it suddenly popped up that my friend had said, “I LOVE Sebastian”. Okay then…

Well, it ended up that is not what she had intended to write. She meant to say that she loved his question. She was extremely embarrassed, needless to say.  Another example is when a mom’s phone automatically corrects  the word ‘think’ to ‘honk’… Well, you get the picture. I’m sure we’ve all done very similar things accidentally. They are just such easy mistakes to make!

Our sinful nature makes sins very easy to commit as well. It is often our unconscious reaction to the circumstances around us. But does that make it okay? No! We must work to get rid of it, to become clean and righteous in God.

Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you. (James 1:21 NIV)

After all, an article full of typos really wouldn’t be good at all! Definitely not the best it could be.

Your sister in Christ,




Hello, my name is Sara! I am also fifteen years old, I am a black-mold fighter, and I like to read, write, act, make jewelry, and have adventures. Most of which tend to be with my family whether it’s a long hike up a mountain or a fun new board game. I also write for Th!nk magazine, a free, online, Christian magazine: mythinkmag.wordpress.com. One of my favorite Scriptures is Psalm 34:5: “Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”

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