What Can I Do?

I am going to sound extremely strange at first, but just hear me out. As Christians, we have duties to perform. The most important is to glorify God. “Come on Solomon, I’m supposed to learn stuff when I’m on this blog.” Yes, I know that’s very obvious but if you think about it, you will probably realize that there are many different opportunities in life to give God the glory that He deserves.

At home, I’ve got two little siblings. I have been told many times by my parents, “They watch you,” or, “What you do they do.” I have an opportunity right in my top bunk to teach my little brother about the Bible and instill biblical thinking into his head while he’s young. My sister looks up to me [no pun intended] and hopefully sees a godly older brother who uses his position in her life to strengthen her relationship with Jesus Christ and does his best to treat her with respect. But is that what she sees? Am I using my position in life to give God all the glory He deserves? Are you? You may have been told in a book or by some motivational speaker that you can do so much and you have so much potential and if only you would let God use all of you. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with all of that. You are somebody, you do have potential, and you should let God use all of you. But the common misconception is that people think that they have to move to Africa and spend their entire lives in God’s service to feel like they are of any substantial service to God’s kingdom. Some people have the privilege to be able to do foreign ministry, but not everyone does. Does that mean that you can not be used in God’s kingdom and for His glory? No! God can use you in powerful ways right where you are if you are willing. And please don’t think that I am in any way encouraging you to not to be involved in foreign ministries. I praise God for all that He does through foreign ministries, and I pray that He would continue to be glorified through those in them. And if you feel called to that area of the mission field, I praise God that you have the ability to do that and I pray that you would be used effectively for His glory. All I am saying is that if you re not able to go to that extent, you needn’t lose sleep about it. Pray to God and ask Him to use you where you are and I guarantee that He will…because He’s faithful.

What can I do? That is the title of this post. God will use you in powerful ways if you ask Him that question. You can be used in small and large ways, at home and at work, in your hometown and in a foreign country. Wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you did, He can use you. The question is, will you let Him?

By His grace and for His glory,