Barn Church and Joyful Noise!


“Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music.”

-Psalm 98:4

How did you “celebrate” Halloween the other night? Trick-or-treating? Fall festival? We tried something a little different.

On Saturday night, our church had its service at the house of one of the families who attends. The setting was perfect…we were out in the country. It was late in the afternoon. The barn was not huge, but fit everyone comfortably. Inside, we were on a small concrete area. Directly back were the stalls with string lights hanging from overhead. Oh- and most of us there were “dressed up” like farmers. 😉

And with the smell of chili that was cooking in the corner, we started our service with a couple songs.

I don’t know what it was (I think the acoustics in there must’ve been amazing) but the singing was beautiful. All we had for instruments was a piano, but the simplicity of it mixed with the lifting of voices in praise to the Creator was just awesome. It caused joy. It was beautiful.

Throughout Scripture, and especially Psalms, we see music as a tool we use to worship God. While it isn’t the only thing we do to praise Him, in my opinion, it is the most powerful. We are exhorted over and over again to praise the Lord with joy, to make a joyful shout to the Lord, and to make music on instruments.

So the next time you sing, use it as a way to worship the Lord. The song from your heart, lifted in praise to the Lord, is so beautiful.

In Christ,