Exclusive Interview with David and Jason Benham- Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of our interview with David and Jason Benham!

FWIA: What are some action points that Christians need to take that you don’t see them generally doing?

BB: 1. Heart – be broken before God. Walk in Biblical repentance and brokenness over our own sin, then we can stand boldly for Christ.
2. Head – have the mind of Christ. Spend time daily in God’s Word, and commit to living by it.
3. Mouth – enter the conversation. When you have the heart and mind of Christ then you can lovingly enter the conversation for truth. Speaking the truth is what leads to the captives being set free.
4. Hands – do something for or with someone with which you disagree. Start mixing in with the world like chocolate chips in cookie dough. They don’t blend in, but they mix in – nothing about their form changes.

FWIA: What’s your challenge to Christian teens?


FWIA: You recently wrote a book, “Whatever the Cost.” What’s the message behind it?

BB: We must lay our lives down to live powerfully for Jesus. In America that simply means to die to our reputations or brand in order to speak truth in a culture that is aggressively suppressing it.

We really appreciate that they took the time to do the interview. You can buy their book over at www.benhambrothers.com. That’s it!

In Christ,

-The Found Who I Am Team