Exclusive Interview with David and Jason Benham- Part 1

Back in March, we had the privilege of meeting David and Jason Benham and doing an interview with them a couple of weeks later. We are so excited to bring this to you now!


Found Who I Am (FWIA): Thanks so much for doing this interview! Could you please provide some brief background about yourselves?

Benham Brothers (BB): We are identical twins and former professional baseball players. We are serial entrepreneurs and international business leaders, having created & developed several profitable businesses around the world. We were recently signed a straight-to-series reality show with HGTV to host a new show called “Flip It Forward” in the fall of 2014. Yet, the show was abruptly cancelled due to our commitment to traditional marriage values. David is married to Lori, and they have five children. Jason is married to Tori, and they have four children. We are still highly competitive, but in this case Jason has conceded the loss!

FWIA: Our culture has an approach of closing the mouths of people who stand for Biblical truth. From your experience, how do we combat this?

BB: The same way Christians combatted it in the first century and throughout history: be willing to lovingly speak the truth whatever the cost. This is a tenant of our Christian faith, and for the first time in our history being a vocal Christian just may cost us something.

FWIA: Why is it so important to stand strong on your beliefs in the midst of difficulty and persecution?

BB: Jesus told us that we would be persecuted (Matthew 5:11) and that we were blessed when it happened. Embracing persecution allows us to be loving examples of truth in the midst of a generation that desperately needs it.

FWIA: In your book, you talk about “dying to your dreams” and holding what God has given you with an open hand. What does that mean?

BB: We all have dreams and goals in life. We did too – and that was to make it to the Major Leagues. But we never made it. So we learned that when God gives us a dream we have to hold it with an open hand, so that if He chooses to remove it He doesn’t have to pry our fingers back. In other words, we need to stay dead to our dreams in our heart while we move toward them with our feet.


Part 2 is coming on Friday! Be sure to catch the rest, including action points for Christians and their challenge to Christian teens.

-The Found Who I Am Team