The Power of Prayer

When someone comes to you and tells you something that’s  going rough for them, what do you usually say beside general condolences and sympathy?  I usually try to say,”I’ll be praying for you.”  But why would we tell someone that we’re praying for them?  Well, I have found that when someone tells me that they are praying for me, it gives me a sense of assurance and relief that it will all be okay.  By this time you are probably wondering what I am driving at.  What I’m talking about is the power and necessity of prayer.  If you read my “Finding Hidden Blessings” post, you might have noticed that at the end I was exhorting you all to pray to God.  This is kind of a sequel to that.  An exhortation to pray.
A while ago I went to a Tenth Avenue North concert with some of my friends.  As my dad and I were going into the church were the concert was being held, we walked past a big camper.  I saw a man standing by the side of it, and I nearly yelled at my dad,”It’s Mike Donehey!!!”  (He is the main singer for the contemporary Christian band Tenth Avenue North). For the next few minutes we stood on the sidewalk talking with him.  As we were walking away I felt light enough to fly.  I met Mike Donehey!!   But after I mused about it for a while,  I came across the thought that talking to God is infinitely more of an honor then talking to another human man.  We are talking to the God that made the heavens and the earth.  The God that lead Israel out of Egypt. The God who loved us enough to die for us.  We are talking to the God that crafted you and me with his hands. Please see past the “duh” factor of what I just said and discover what a privilege you and everyone else has with being able to talk to God whenever.  Being able to pray at any time is a real gift.
If you have a close friend that you love, answer this question.  How did you cultivate such a close relationship with him or her?  Did you just see this person and at first glance say, “Hey, there’s my best friend!”? No of course not.  You cultivated that friendship with one on one talk and time spent with each other, helping one another.  How much would your relationship with Christ grow if you never talked to him?  How could you walk in the plan that he has for you if you never spent time with him?  Is their any other way?  Absolutely not. Spending time in prayer with the Lord is necessary to Christian growth.  Please don’t think that just because I am preaching this to you guys, I’ve got it all locked down.  I am preaching to myself just as much as I am to you.  Too many times I have tried all the options except for prayer, and then when they don’t work then I go and ask God for help; but that’s not how it’s supposed to be.  We should look to him first, not last.  Please remember that nothing is too small to talk to  the Lord about (2 Kings 6). We need to pray. It is the only way that we can grow in relationship with him.
Over the last two posts I have been trying to encourage your walk with the Lord.  I hope that they have edified you and that you will continue in your walk with the Lord fervently.
Best wishes