Half-Year Roundup #2

When I first started the Friday Roundups, they were founded as a way to congratulate my fellow bloggers and single out great posts that you may have overlooked. Well, it’s definitely been awhile since the last Friday Roundup… To give you an idea of how long, the last one was on January 9, where Callie took first place with her groundbreaker, The Perfect Sacrifice. After a half-year of phenomenal posting (mostly not done by me…), there is a lot to fit into 3 slots, so I have expanded the field to 5 for this one roundup. Yeah, it’s been awhile so I’m still a little rusty, but I’ll try my best. Let’s goooooo!

5. Choose Today (Christopher)

This post is such a great reminder of who we should always have our eyes upon. We need to throw away the idols in our lives, because all they really are is unnecessary junk and clutter. Just like Joshua said in verse 14, we need to throw away the idols and things we hold on to too tightly and let the Lord use them the way He sees fit (which doesn’t necessarily mean He’ll take those things away). For some, it’s sports. For others, it can be friendships or popularity. Choose today whom you will serve, but as for me, I will serve the Lord.

4. Believing, but Not Seeing (Solomon)


Solomon bases this post on something we recently added to our blog, Our Statement of Faith (if you haven’t gotten the chance to check it out yet, click on over!). In this post, Solomon states clearly that what we believe as Christians is based on faith.  It takes faith to believe that Christ died for our sins.  It takes faith to believe that he rose from the grave and conquered death.  What we believe requires faith. That’s it. (After then going in-depth on what this means, he ends his post in “Toodles”, something I’m very proud of.) Seriously, though, what we believe necessitates faith. In John 20, we see “doubting” Thomas once again is filled with uncertainty, this time relating to Jesus’ resurrection. After Thomas sees Jesus in person, however, his belief is set in stone. But Jesus then says something that is vital, “Blessed are those who don’t see but still believe.” I ask you one question now: Do you believe? (By the way, extra props if you pick up on the reference to the Chris August song…)

3. Keeping Our Eyes on Christ (Callie)


When you run a race, the only thing you can think about is crossing the finish line. You run with hope, knowing that each step you take is getting you closer to your goal. We should act the same way in our walk with Christ. In this post, Callie analyzes why we need to keep looking to God for help and direction in our life. She wraps it up with a promise from God that I strive to someday hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Those words are something that all Christians should be living for.

2. A Real Legacy (by Christopher)

This home run of a post was written by Christopher in a hard time in our church, after one of our dear friends passed… He was incredible man of God, unlike anyone that I had ever seen before. When I heard the news, it was like a punch in the face. But Christopher asks a great question in this post, “When we die, the thing that we will leave behind is our legacy. Will your legacy be centered around earthly possessions, or will it be centered around living for Christ?” Mr. Myers’ legacy was definitely the latter. The only reason his passing felt like a punch in the gut was because he was basically my role model in the Christian faith. But he’s in heaven now, with Jesus, and I cannot think of anything that he would have liked better.

1. The Perfect Sacrifice (by Callie)

Ok, I’m sorry, but I just love this post. If it were a faceoff between this and Wyatt’s Underestimated Underdogs, I seriously don’t know which one would win (if you don’t know already, I love Underestimated Underdogs)… When I read this post for the first time, I realized that I had never touched the topic of John 3:16 before for a simple reason: it’s too popular. You see, when verses like that get repeated over and over again, they lose their meaning. But I failed to see the higher meaning: God loves us so much, it would be literally impossible to try to communicate it over paper. God wants to have an intimate, personal relationship with us. Do not, do not, take that for granted!

Quote OThe Half-Year: “When we accept Jesus into our heart, His spirit lives in us. So when God sees us, He doesn’t see our sins, but sees the perfect spirit of Jesus Christ.” – The Perfect Sacrifice (Callie)


Happening IReal Life: The United States Women’s National Team (Soccer) knocked down #1 Germany on Tuesday to advance to the final round for the second World Cup in a row. Their opponent: Japan, the same foe who defeated them in a penalty kick shootout in the 2011 final.

That’s all for now… Make the most of the half-year you have left, because it’s passing quickly… Until next time, Toodles!

~ Collin


Howdy! I’m Collin, 16 years old, and a homeschooled junior. I play the piano, ukulele, and many sports. I’m far from perfect, and that’s why I love to share (through this blog) what God is showing me in His word. Although I have many favorite Bible verses, if I had to choose one it would be Romans 12:12, Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” I believe that prayer is the most powerful tool we are given as Christians and it should not be taken for granted. Toodles!