Finding Hidden Blessings

I live on a farm with 53 acres. We have goats and they are very
special to the family. I am writing this post on the one year anniversary of
the death of one of our best goats we ever had. Her name was Honey, and she was
the family pet. We all loved her. But then when I was at teen camp she got
very ill. I wasn’t there, but I can’t imagine the sadness that the rest of the
family was feeling. She was deathly sick and wasn’t going to make it.

I was really sad and was not sure what God was trying to teach me through it. I
remember saying to myself while she was sick, “Why me?” But also, “Why her?”
She was my favorite goat, and I was pretty mad that it was her that was sick and
not one that I had not formed such a trusting relationship with. But I soon
found out what the Lord was doing.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “God will never leave you empty; he has you put something up it is because he wants you to pick up something greater.” Everyone in the world has gone through a hard time. It doesn’t matter if your favorite team won the Super Bowl, or if you win the Lottery and never have to work again. One thing that people forget is that nothing in this world can be an ample and sufficient substitute for something that can only come from Jesus. When someone tries to fix a problem that only Jesus can fix, they will only dig their hole deeper. If you are going through a hard time, don’t pull back into a shell and refuse to talk to God and others about it. Don’t try to fix it by yourself. All trials are battles. Battles are designed to draw us to a closer relationship with Jesus. When you cry out to God and ask him to help you fight a battle, you will not only get to see the benefits, but you will draw to a closer and more loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

There is a catch though that I would like you to beware of; simply because you prayed and asked God for help during a trial, does not
mean you should sit back and do nothing while expecting God to instantly resolve
the situation. That might be what happens, but it doesn’t give us an excuse for
apathy. He will work through us as long as we are trusting him and asking for
his help along the way. Have faith in him, but don’t do nothing. Be ready to
take action, but always look to him before you do.

Honey did die, but now I can look back on that and be grateful for it. The Lord knew what
he was doing. I believe that he was preparing me for later in my life when
something else that was dear to me left as well. But because of the trial I went
through with Honey, it greatly prepared me for it. When you are in a trial,
don’t try to fight it with out inquiring of God. God is waiting for you to call
out to him, and he wants to help. But it is up to you to ask him. For more
encouragement to pray, read James 4:2-3 and Matthew 7:7.

I hope that this is an encouragement to you if you are facing something tough. Thanks to Jesus who gave us a hotline to God,wan now freely come at anytime and cry out to him.
Hebrews 4:16 says that we should boldly approach the throne of grace. I pray
that you will all find that there are blessings hidden in every trial.

Best regards,