Three Keys to Awesome Friendships (and they’re easy to apply)!


“As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

-Proverbs 27:17

Since both my parents were in the military, I moved out of state five times…all before the age of 12. And as such, I have had the opportunity to meet a TON of people over the years and really experience a lot with different friends I’ve had. Now that we’ve settled (first time since the age of 4 I’ve lived anywhere more than 2 years), I’m trying to develop friendships that are more than just the topical “Hey, how’s it going?” type of friendship.

I’ve found that the deep friendships in life are the ones based on Christ. Just like a marriage that is centered on Christ, friendships centered on Christ only get stronger because they are centered around a constant. So how do you put that in to practice?

1. Serve the Lord with a friend. It can be anything from handing out tracts and evangelizing (Matthew 28:19) to helping out unbelievers (Galatians 5:13). I’ve recently had many opportunities to do that (handing out tracts at Churchill Downs before the Oaks Race, helping build a house for someone in our church, etc.) and coming together for a common goal really strengthens friendships, and often, good conversations come up while you’re busy working on something with somebody.

2. Pray together. Have a prayer partner! This is something that I’ve been praying about for a while…that the Lord would bring people who want to spend time together in prayer to the church we’re at. Start praying 1-on-1 with a friend. That will not only draw you closer to God, but it will also open up the door for accountability and deep friendships with that other person. And maybe, that person is your brother or sister…all of these principles are just as applicable to other relationships, not just friendships.

3. Discuss theology or what you’ve been studying in your Bible time! Ok, now I know that you’re thinking that that might be pretty dry and not very interesting…however, that is not the case at all! I have a friend here and we’ve had several really good and deep discussions about the Bible and certain passages. Talk about certain topics in the Bible that interest you…you don’t necessarily have to talk about all of the Old Testament Laws and what they mean for us today (although that is a really cool study!). This encourages really digging into Scripture and opens the door to learning more about God because another perspective often sheds light on things we hadn’t thought of.

Pray for deep friendships. There’s an old saying that goes, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

So there you have it. Let me wrap up by saying that I’m not at all saying friends shouldn’t hang out just for the fun of it…the principles I listed above are just a few that I’ve seen really strengthen friendships. As a bonus, none of these things require you to set a huge chunk of time aside to do them…all of these things can be done while cleaning the kitchen, doing yard work, riding in the car, etc.

And so, Happy Saturday to everyone! Today marks the date of this year’s Kentucky Derby, which is a big deal for most people living here in Kentucky…not sure about the rest of the country, though. (Just a side note- if anyone figures out how to use emojis on blog posts, let me know…it would make communicating emotion a whole lot easier!)

In Christ,