Anthem Lights is one of my favorite bands, and I somehow managed to overlook this amazing song for a couple of years. Here is “Lighthouse”, by Anthem Lights:

You’ve got to love that song. It’s absolutely incredible. Here’s a look at some particular lyrics that I would like to focus on:

Like ships bound for shipwreck,
Most people just simply drift along
And miss their destination without knowing anything is wrong
No direction and without a care
Feels so good and then you’re lost out there
Don’t you remember how it felt ’til someone showed you the way?

How true is this in today’s world? Unbelievers just simply go about their lives, but they are bound for shipwreck:

They’re just drifting along as if nothing at all is wrong. I love the line “Don’t you remember how it felt ’til someone showed you the way?” Do you? Do you remember what it was like as unbeliever? I, personally, do not. I was saved at an early age, so I don’t recall what it was like. I can only imagine the emptiness and loneliness inside that I would feel.

It’s up to you, it’s up to me
To be the lighthouse
They should know they’re not alone
So shine so they can see the lighthouse
And find their way back home

It’s up to you. It’s up to me. We need to be the lighthouse to show them their way home. This analogy that they give here nails it. Is a lighthouse ever the destination? No, it just shows where the homeland is. Is a lighthouse ever the hero? Not really, it’s just doing its job. Our job as Christians is to show the unbelievers their way home. Not to be the home. Not to take the credit or praise. But to show them the truth and lead them home. Remember it’s up to you and me to be the lighthouse.


~ Collin

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