The Accountability Challenge

There was once a man who said the following after being found guilty of a crime.

“My sin was against God and God alone, I’m not accountable to anyone but Him.”  Not sure if he was found guilty, but he was most certainly wrong.  We are accountable to God first,  but we are also accountable to the people in our lives.   

Let’s say that man has a problem with anger.  He knows it’s wrong, but he just can’t control it.  He goes to a pastor and asks for help.  The pastor senses that the man really desires to have control over his anger, so he tells the man that in two days he will be calling him and asking how he’s doing, and that he expects a truthful answer.  The pastor called two days later and received the following report.  “Pastor I knew you were calling and I’m doing fine.”  The pastor held him accountable for about two months and then the man’s spirit of anger was gone.

As you can see, since the man knew that he was going to be held accountable, it dramatically altered his actions.

Being accountable to others can be very beneficial.  It causes you to stop and think, remembering that you will have to give a truthful report to someone.  I can tell you right now that I personally would not want to give any other answer than, “Oh I’m great.”  But that’s good.  It forces us to swallow our pride and humble ourselves before others.  It’s preparing us for the day that we will have to humble ourselves before God and give him an account for all the things that we did here on earth.

I would like to hit you with little challenge.  You should go and find one of your very best friends and ask him or her to call you weekly and ask how you are doing.  If you really take it seriously, you will remember during the week that you will have somebody checking in on you and will need to tell the truth.  Do you think that might effect the way you act?  I can tell you personally that I’ve thought twice before I do something because I knew that I was going to be held accountable by someone. 

I would like to encourage you all to be accountable to your friends, your family and your God.  You will see the benefits.

If you have read any of Collin’s posts he always signs off with “Toodles” so I guess I will too.