Faith: Our Hinge

Has anyone here ever read in the gospels where Jesus tells his disciples the Great Commission? The Great Commission was one of the most important jobs Jesus ever gave to his disciples.  We as Christians should use this instruction as the backbone of why we evangelize.  It was an instruction because of his love for us.  That love was the fuel for why he instructed his disciples to “Go and make disciples of all men”. 

 If you’ve ever been present at someone’s deathbed, you were probably told all of the parting instructions or final words that the person had for you, if you were of a close relation to them.  Before Jesus ascended into heaven, the Great Commission was one of the “parting instructions” he gave his disciples.  I would imagine they were a little surprised, as they probably wanted/expected him to say something like “Now it’s time to go drop kick those Romans back to where they belong!”  Remember, defeating the Romans and regaining their freedom was what the Jews expected from their Messiah.  

 They did not even realize that what Jesus was freeing them from was much more important then what they thought they needed.  They were focusing on their present predicament which was their bondage to the Romans.  They considered being able to be free from the bondage of men as more important than being able to be free from the bondage of sin.  

 Many people before Jesus had proclaimed themselves to be the promised Messiah, and guess what they did?  They went and lead a revolt against the Romans. Then, once the fire went out the Jews lost their luster and gave up on that specific “messiah”, and went back to waiting for the true one.  

 Even though the so called “revolt” that Jesus lead was supposedly “crushed” when he was killed, the aftershock of it carried on a long time throughout the early church.  When Nero came to power during that time even he was shocked at the bravery that followers of Jesus and the early church maintained even to their death.  

 Emperors prior Nero had put down many revolts, and the people that were involved in those were very willing to take back what they had said earlier in order to save their hides.  I can imagine Nero was very surprised when the Christians of the early church refused to recant even when faced with death.  It may have even dawned on him that, this isn’t another one of those spoofs…….this is for real!!  

 After Jesus died, the chief priests and Pharisees expected the rise that Jesus got going just to fizzle out just like all the others had. But here’s the thing; it didn’t.  The Christians were not intimidated by the threats of torture, or any kind of punishment that the religious leaders would use to try to stop the constant spread of the Word.  This makes me feel guilty for all the opportunities that I have missed to show God’s love.  These people in the early church wanted so much to share the Light that they were willing to die for it!  I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable but I would like to pose a question:  are you willing to die for Christ?  Remember, he died for us. 

 I would like to close by saying this: don’t miss opportunities to share the love of Christ.  The fulfillment of the Great Commission should always be at the front of our minds, always looking for those precious moments where we might be instrumental in saving someone’s soul.

  Let’s all hold our faith as dearly as it deserves to be held.  We need to love it, cherish it, and see it as the foremost aspect of our lives.  It should be the hinge that our entire life hangs upon.

– Solomon