Hello everyone, I hope that all of you been having a good week so far. When I was looking for different plans and schedules to reading the Bible, one of the things that I noticed was how so many of them did not have you just start at Genesis and power all the way through to Revelation.  Instead, they would have you read a chapter in the Old Testament, a chapter in the Psalms and Proverbs, and then a chapter or two in the New Testament.   

I’m not sure if this is the same way with others, but I have found that reading a Psalm or two before you do your Bible study is almost  like a warm-up, and gets you motivated before you start your day. One of the most edifying and praiseworthy Psalms that I have ever heard is Psalm 100.  In this, the Psalmist is encouraging us to “make a joyful noise to The Lord”. 

 If you have been reading some of the previous posts you probably saw my post about the song “Cathedrals” by Tenth Avenue North.  Psalm 100 is similar to that song, in saying that, “his mercy is everlasting and his truth endures to all generations”.  That’s something worth praising God for.  I would like to just sit back and just think about that statement-  everlasting mercy!  Truth enduring forever……that’s pretty amazing.  Really though, aren’t all the aspects of God everlasting? Here’s a list of some of verses that I found that exemplify that:     

– Genesis. 21:33

– Psalm. 90:2

– Psalm. 103:17

– Psalm. 119: 142, 144

– Psalm. 145:13

– Isaiah.  26:4

– Isaiah.  60:19,20

– Isaiah.  63:16

 One verse that I did not include above is the following. “The grass withers, and the flower fades, but the word of The Lord stands forever”.  Isn’t that great?  Note that it says, “the word of The Lord STANDS for ever.”  It doesn’t just survive……it stands. It lasts. 

 We need to place our trust in the stuff that stands.  That stuff is the Word of The Lord. Jesus himself advised us not to store our riches here on earth, but to store up treasures in Heaven.  All this on earth will pass away, but The Lord will stand forever.  With something as valuable as your faith, it’s imperative to put it in a place that is safe and stands forever; like the Word of The Lord. 

 If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?  Hopefully you would put it somewhere safe.  Listen people, our faith in Jesus is worth much more than a million dollars;  It is the most important factor of our life!  That alone should be reason enough to store it in heaven were moth and rust do not destroy and thieves do not break in and steal.  

 We as Christians should be very careful about how much of ourselves we invest in this world.  Matthew 6:21 reads as follows, “For where your treasure is your heart is there also”.  As I read this it really washed over me how my heart is my treasure!  Where we put our hearts is were our treasure is stored. Those two are always linked. 

 Jesus and his kingdom are everlasting and will never end. Man, and his kingdom here on earth, is temporary and will end. I would like to close with this. Who are we living for?  Where are we storing our treasure?  Let’s keep our eyes fixed on his everlasting kingdom because that is where our treasure should always be.