Hey guys,

I wanted to share a couple thoughts that I had when I read the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:3-9. In this chapter Jesus is distinguishing between the different types of acceptance of the gospel. The first type of soil he describes is the seed that fell by the way and was devoured by birds. By this example, I believe that Jesus is warning us not to let the Bible and the love of the word of God go by the wayside to other earthly pleasures. To avoid this, we must be diligent in our pursuit for God’s truth in our lives.

Who here has ever gotten into “wrong things” while painting a wall, cleaning a stall, or any kind of time-consuming activity? For one, it is hard to do two things at once, but even harder to occupy yourself in other labors while always involved in something more profitable. If we are constantly involved in the pursuit of God’s truth, the birds that are trying to devour the seed out of our hearts will not be able to steal that away from us.

The second type of soil that Jesus warns us from is the stony soil. This is where the seed fell on soil (people’s souls) that did not have much earth. It says that they sprung up quick but did not have enough earth to keep going. This sounds like many people who become Christians, but when the novelty wears off they lose their luster. We can avoid this by asking God, ”Lord start a fire in me for You.” Ask him to give you a longing and hunger for Him. Make it a habit to consult with Him even in the smallest of things. 

The last soil that He warns us about is the thorny soil. This is a warning against letting the cares, worries, and materialistic gains of this world affect our relationship with Jesus. Notice that it doesn’t say it was crowded out or covered, but that it was choked. When you choke something you are completely annihilating any form of life or energy in that unlucky victim. Jesus says the thorns choked the seed. This is probably the most serious warning Jesus gave us. We should never let anything choke the gospel out of our hearts. Unfortunately, this is very prevalent. Hobbies, relationships, phones, or any form of attractive activity can eventually choke the Word of God out from our hearts. We can avoid this by making our relationship with God the most important thing in our lives. If we make God a priority, He will choke out any other form of distraction.

The parable of the sower is one of the most convicting parables that Jesus told. It forces us to take a step back and view any distraction in our lives and then place it in one of these three categories. We need to remember that Jesus should be the most important thing in our lives and we should never let anything replace Him. Consistently having Jesus at the top of our priorities is the best way to live 100% of the time.

– Solomon