The Perfect Sacrifice


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.

– John 3:16

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share something I learned during my Bible study that made me so thankful we are able to serve such an amazing God! It makes me so happy to know that the King of all the earth desires to have personal relationships with sinners such as us. There are so many examples of this in the Bible.

One of them was when God descended on Mount Sinai while the Israelites watched from afar (Exodus 19). Now, you may be wondering why God made His people stand far off instead of going up the mountain to Him. The reason for this is because God knew that if something holy touched something unholy, it would result in death.Because God loves us so much, He sent His son to earth to change this. When Jesus, who is holy, came to live among unholy sinners, it did result in death. But instead of us being the ones who died, Jesus took our punishment for us. He did this, so we can have a personal relationship with Him, and can one day see Him face to face.

When we accept Jesus into our heart, His spirit lives in us. So when God sees us, He doesn’t see our sins, but sees the perfect spirit of Jesus Christ. Because of this, when we, who believe, do see him face to face, it will not result in death. It will result in life, eternal life.

As the new year begins, let each one of us not forget the perfect sacrifice Jesus made for us, so we can know Him better.

In Christ,