We’re putting some zest into this…


“What did he just say?”

I’m pretty sure (absolutely sure, actually) that you have no idea what I meant when I said that.

Well, let me explain!

For November, we will be re-posting our most popular posts from this past year! It’s hard to believe that in less than a year we have already posted more than 170 times! We hope you have been as blessed by what we’ve been learning from the Lord as we have been! It will start on Monday, and like I said, it will continue until the end. There won’t be posts everyday, but the goal (at least) is to try and re-post our top 12 posts since January.

(If you’re wondering why we’re doing this in November, we decided to do it then so that we could do many posts on Christmas leading up to December 25th.)

We will value your opinion! Please tell us what your favorite posts were. If you can’t remember the specific name, try to remember the topic it covered and sent it in to us. You can let us know via a poll at the bottom of this post.

Thanks for reading!


In Christ,