Welcome to The Empire

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Welcome to the Dark Side, we have cookies in the break room and there is a great healthcare plan for everyone who complies. *under breath* and a giant trash pit for those who don’t.

If you haven’t figured out by now, today is about Star Wars… And other stuff, but I’m using the Galactic Empire as an example. 🙂 

Where do you think our nation is headed? I don’t care about stock prices or the economy, I mean morally. Is America pushing God out as it embraces all kinds of junk? When I say ‘the Empire’ I am referring to our Nation’s leadership, but more so, I am referring to a decision that each and every human must make about their own future.

So, here is your choice:

Are you going to join the Empire, or are you going to join the Rebellion?

I’ll explain both sides:


The Empire:

This is the Dark Side of The Force. In the movies at least. In our broken reality, the Empire is the norm. The Status Quo, anybody who wants to jump on the bandwagon. Doing things because it’s cool, or because you’ve been threatened if you do otherwise.  The Empire goes against God’s word, against the morals and disciplines that have been taught since the founding of America. The Empire is not necessarily our government alone. Every time you and I neglect what we believe to do what’s cool, we make a point for the Empire.

Members of the Empire live from day to day, only caring about the moment, not the long term effects of their actions. YOLO, right?


The Rebellion:

OK, so the Jedi have this thing that gives them their power, it’s an invisible, omnipresent, mystical force, (coincidentally called the Force) that all Jedi learn to harness and control. They don’t have its power until they learn how to use it. Sound familiar? We, as Christians, are privileged with the power of God in the form of the Holy Spirit.

The Jedi are the Light side of this Force meaning that it has a dark side, but the Holy Spirit is purely good and awesome. The rebels are the ones who stand up for what they believe in, we are the ones who change the world, we are Salt and Light. We do have a good role model in Christ, don’t we? This side of the war fights for true freedom; freedom of worship, freedom to read God’s word and to pray. We fight for justice, and righteousness. Because we have been saved, but we don’t boast about it, because, unlike the boastful troopers of the Empire, the Rebels find our hope and power in the love of Christ. Awesome, right?

So, I hope I made it clear. The rest is up to you, join the Empire, make millions, be liked by everyone, and then die happy.

OR, live for Christ, endure hardships, worship, pray, even when it isn’t cool, and when you die, live an eternity in the glory of God, with true Joy, not just the momentary happiness that the Empire promises.

Empire or Rebellion,

Your choice.

May you be filled with the Holy Spirit, (and May the Force be with you too),


P.S. The Empire makes terrible cookies….