Holding Steady

Hi everyone! For a while we’ve been asking for prayer for our friend Mr. Myers. His daughter, Hannah, recently started a blog that shares the updates about her dad. Here is the most recent post she did:


Amazingly, Dad remains stable as the week has gone on.  He’s been more awake lately (though still kind of disoriented) and has eaten more than we expected several days this week.  The nausea has definitely lessened, and we are extremely thankful for that.  He still has mornings when he’ll wake up and throw up, but he also has days when he will go all day without nausea.  He will occasionally surprise us by quoting a good Scripture (last night it was, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind”) or softly trying to sing a song.  Last night some friends visited who have gone through a very similar journey with brain cancer, and the husband is now cancer free and continuing on with their holistic and nutritional protocol.  Dad was awake for a lot of it, and listening.  We were talking…

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