Humility. Such a fun idea, isn’t it? You know, not being prideful, and not boasting. It’s so easy. I’m so awesome, I’m never prideful! I take lots of pride in that.

See what I mean? We’re all guilty of it. When I said that, (a) I was completely joking, and (b) it is one of my biggest faults. It gets me into lots of trouble too.

Few quick points:

1) Be confident in who you are. But don’t brag.

2) Be bold in who you are in Christ. But make sure that it’s all about Him.

3) Be ready to tell anyone what you know about Jesus.

The third point is important. It might not sound like it has anything to do with humility but go back and read the other two points. Be humble about your relationship with God, but be bold in sharing about Him. After all, He saved you from eternal suffering.

Until next time,