Half-Year Roundup


It’s Friday and I don’t know about you, but I am most definitely ready for the weekend to be here! You may have noticed that this is the half-year roundup! I know it’s hard to believe, but we are already halfway through the year! Without further ado, I bring to you the first half-year roundup, and the 13th Friday Roundup in total!

5. Life Without God… (Christopher)

“…is like an I sharpened pencil.” Ok, sure, this was eleven words long, but what else can be said that is so true? Billy Graham said this several years ago, and I’m sure if there were pencils in Jesus’ time, many people would have said it as well. Just remember that if you are in Christ Jesus, your life has a point: to further His Kingdom.

4. Who Am I? (Wyatt)

Oh, yes. Who am I? What’s wrong? What’s happening? Besides calling himself an idiot (and I don’t think he is), he did a spectacular (+20 points for using such a long and awesome word) job focusing on what we can do as Christians, and who we are in Christ.

3. What About The Eye? (Wyatt)

A great reminder by Wyatt that we’re not supposed to just look at people as they are, but what could be bad in their life at that time and how we might be able to help them!

2. Are You a Christian Atheist? (Christopher)

Ok, so this post kind of hurts. Are you a hypocrite? If your first reaction was something along the lines of, “Me?!? Why, I never!”, then go ahead and take a look at Christopher’s post. Take your time. Be honest before God and change anything that needs to be changed.

1. Underestimated Underdogs (Wyatt)

I have recently said to my self multiple times, “Self, you can never do that until you’re older!” or “Self, you just can’t do that. There’s no way.” The wonderful news is (ready for cheesy?) that you can do everything if you try your best! In all seriousness, though, this is a true statement. Put your mind to it and try really hard, and you can probably do it. Ask God to help you. For me, it’s easier that way.

QOTHY (Quote of the Half-Year): “Don’t allow yourself to be underestimated. Do something amazing. Change the world.” – Underestimated Underdogs (Wyatt)

HSF (Happened So Far): The year started off with Florida State defeating Auburn 34-31 in the 2014 Vizio® BCS National Championship game. Then, two days later, the Seattle Seahawks demolished the Denver Broncos 43-8 in the Super Bowl (yay). Then, a month later, the United States went to Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics and came out 2nd in overall medal count, losing to the host country of Russia. Skip a few months and the Triple Crown is here, with California Chrome winning two out of the three races, coming ever so close to being our first Triple Crown winner since 1978.

So, enjoy the last half of the year!



Howdy! I’m Collin, 16 years old, and a homeschooled junior. I play the piano, ukulele, and many sports. I’m far from perfect, and that’s why I love to share (through this blog) what God is showing me in His word. Although I have many favorite Bible verses, if I had to choose one it would be Romans 12:12, Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” I believe that prayer is the most powerful tool we are given as Christians and it should not be taken for granted. Toodles!

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