How to: Love Like Christ


A couple weeks ago, Wyatt had a post called “Seeing with the Eye.” In that post, he talked about how we need to see beyond people the way anyone can see them, and we need to see them the way that God sees them. We need to look beyond their brave smiles, and we need to be sensitive to their deep hurts.

This post today will be short and simple. I want to challenge you to love the way Christ loves us. There are so many contrasts used in the Bible. They range all the way from salt to light to water. One of my favorites is the that of the “world”. Satan is the prince of this world. Christians have their citizenship in heaven. We are under the rule of Christ, our King. We are not of the world. Jesus even says that the world will hate us because it hated Him.

The world’s definition of love is focused on what I can receive, rather than on what I can give. That’s why it’s so hard for some to grasp what God did through Jesus on the cross. They can’t understand how the Lord of all would give himself up for us. Christ uses the analogy of a bride to describe the Church (all believers). Christ gave himself up for us, for His bride. He loved us selflessly. Yet, when we love others, it’s often based on what we get out of it.

We need to shape our view of love based on the love of Christ. We cannot love others based on what we will get out of it. Many marriages are based on that, and those marriages have lots of trouble because eventually, the “warm and fuzzy feeling” goes away. And if that relationship is based solely on what one individual can gain, that relationship is headed for trouble. We have to love the world selflessly. That is part of our calling as Christians.

I challenge you (and myself) to love like Christ this week.

In Christ,


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