What About The Eye?


I’m assuming that you can see. You are, reading this post aren’t you? You can see people, places, animals, and words. You can see colors and details, expressions and emotions. When is it though, that we can TRULY SEE? I used the dollar bill for my picture because I notice an unfinished pyramid with a giant eye in the top part. It is a good reminder that seeing what’s on the outside is easy. We’re always looking for new things to discover or uncover. But when are we looking the wrong way? When do we refuse to see what’s right in front of us?

See, (no pun intended) we spend our days in routine, we see what we’ve trained ourselves to see, but we neglect the big picture, or even the little details. It’s rather ironic, really. You look at a person on the street corner waiting to cross, but what do you SEE? Do you see a regular girl? Or do you see that she is broken, hurting, and suffering in pain? When the guy is in his suit and tie on his laptop in Starbucks, do you notice that he is really looking for a job, waiting to go home because he doesn’t want to tell his wife?

My point, is simple, we look, but when do we SEE? Here’s my challenge for you and me both:

When you are going this summer, SEE, don’t just look. Pray that you will see, ask God to open your eyes.

It reminds me of Elisha, who, when his servant was worried about the army outside, said in 2 Kings 6:17 said, “O Lord, open his eyes that he may see.”… and the young servant then saw for real; he could see what was invisible. We don’t see angels, but we can pray for those who are hurting.

On my mind,


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