Last Chance!


Hello again! So far, the option “Lessons I’ve Learned from Working with Collin and Wyatt” is in the lead. So, assuming that the results stay as they are by Friday, I am going to give some background for this series.

Series Title: Effectively Reaching for the Kingdom: Lessons I’ve Learned from Working with Collin and Wyatt

Posts In Series:

1. Secondary Issues- Don’t Let Them Become Dividing Issues

2. What Level of Commitment?

3. Give and Take

4. Frenemy- Maintaining the Right Focus

5. Conflict- How to Handle It

6. Being Equally Yoked- Why Having the Same Set of Core Beliefs Is Vital

7. Not Forcing the Issue- When God Closes the Door On A “Ministry” You Wanted to Start

8. Found Who I Am- What’s Different This Time Around

Timeline: If all goes well, I will be writing a chapter in this series every Monday. If I don’t get around to it on Monday, I will on Wednesday. In other words, once a week.

Background: I will say that all of the chapter titles are all closely related. I have no idea how I’m going to separate some of them, but I’m looking forward to what God is going to have me write during it all!

For those of you who are new, Collin and I are brothers. Wyatt, though not really a brother, is the closest thing to one that we’ve had in a friend. The three of us have been working together for several years. When we lived in the same area, we all went to church together and helped serve the church there in similar ways. Now that we’re in different states, it’s different but the same. Instead of serving a physical church in one location, we’re now serving the universal Church of believers online as well as what we do close to home. We have had several ministries that we’ve tried to start and that’s the farthest we got, or started some and then it just didn’t pan out. In my series, I will be using several of the things that we’ve started and tie that into my point.

Hopefully, this series encourages you to work for the Kingdom with other Christians. However, this is only a starting point to help you with that. You will learn many things through trial and error. But, I figure that God has led us through this, so we should share our experiences with you guys. Ever heard the quote, “Learn after someone else’s mistakes”? That’s what we’re going for. I have made most (if not all) of the mistakes that I will be bringing up. I have learned so much from this, and I want to thank Collin and Wyatt for sticking with me when I was being a jerk! Gold has to go through the fire to be refined, and while I am not implying at all that I am gold, going through those difficult situations refined me alot and has greatly shaped my character.

Lastly, I want to remind you that the time to vote on my next blog series is running out. You have until Friday at 4:00 PM ET to vote on what you would like it to be about. If you have friends who you want to share the poll with, there is a Facebook and Twitter link on it that enables you to re-post it.



In Christ,




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