Easter 2014: Special Post


Hi everyone! We usually don’t do a post on Sunday, but we decided that Easter Sunday should be an exception. So, all three of us have written a short piece on Easter. We hope that the different perspectives can help you see Easter in a light that maybe you’ve never considered.



The Easter Bunny originated in Germany. He was a rabbit who would determine whether children were good or bad, and would deliver gifts accordingly the night before Easter. Sound like another fabled character we all know and love? For the sake of argument, let’s say that the reason you don’t see Santa Claus apart from Christmas is because he turns into the Easter bunny at the beginning of the Lent season. I’m kidding. I’d hope that all of us understand that Easter is not about a bunny, the same way that Christmas isn’t about a fat, bearded guy in a red suit. Easter isn’t about eggs, or candy, or the bunny (even though VeggieTales’ Mr. Nezzer does a great job of making the bunny seem awesome in ‘Rack, Shack, and Benny’). I love VeggieTales, but that’s beside the point.
Easter is a day of celebration of the resurrection of Christ our savior. See, it’s not just cool that he rose from the dead, even though that’s pretty cool. What is truly amazing is WHY. WHY would a perfect God sacrifice his perfect son for an
imperfect world? WHY would it matter for an amazing Christ to make an amazing resurrection from the
dead? Not because we are perfect and amazing; far from that. He did it because he LOVES us. If you are reading this and you’re alone, hurting, broken, just know He loves YOU. The other cool part is that he didn’t just die and leave that love in a hole in the ground. He rose from the dead, defeating death, conquering the grave! So, not only do you need to know that He loves you, but also, he defeated death so you wouldn’t have to live eternity separated from him. Christ’s death on the cross shows His forgiveness of our sins. His Resurrection is what allows us to spend eternity with Him. It comes down
to a choice. You either choose to believe that all this is true, or don’t. I’m not going to force my Christianity down your throat, that’s not right. I’m just telling you the truth and praying that your life will be impacted by this short article.
Remember, He is risen! Happy Resurrection day!



Do you ever feel like you’ve given 200% percent every day for the last couple weeks? Feel like you couldn’t have done anything better or anything else? That’s about where I am. I’ve been going a million miles an hour with school for several months now since I started a CLEP program. Yesterday, I had a soccer game. I played Central Midfielder during the game. Ironically, that is the position that involves non-stop running as in that position I am supposed to play offense and defense. If that doesn’t make sense, just know that you get worn out. Late in the game, my coach gave me a breather for a few minutes, and then told me and some other players to sub back in. We were losing 3-0. Right before we went on, he said that we had 8-10 minutes to get a couple goals. He said that he needed 110% in those last minutes. And we left everything on the field. We had nothing left.

This Sunday, we celebrate Easter. It’s kinda funny when you think about it. For every major Christian date on the calendar, Satan has conjured up a pagan distraction for it. Santa Clause and Christmas. The Easter Bunny and Christ’s Resurrection. The great thing about it is that on Easter and Christmas, we as Christians don’t worship the Easter bunny god and mythical present-man who doesn’t exist. We worship the living Christ who died for us and is still living!

Jesus was sent to earth for a purpose. He came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). He started as a youth by preaching in the synagogues, and He didn’t stop until He ascended into heaven. And on the cross, He accomplished the work He started. If you play basketball or soccer, you can relate to the phrase “finish.” You get all the way to the basket or goal, and you’re supposed to finish what you started.

There is no better example of that then Jesus. He had fulfilled all of the prophecies before His resurrection. He had finished all of His teachings. He had loved and showed mercy. He had instructed. And then He died. Notice that He had control of His spirit. He gave it up when the time came: “When he had received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’ With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. -John 19:30. He finished what He started, and saved us from Hell in the process. Amazing. We need to be pretty thankful that Jesus Christ gave it all. He left nothing in the tank. He did all He supposed to and gave all that He was supposed to give.

I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.” -John 17:4

Praise God!




Happy Easter! Around this time, we think of bunnies laying magical chocolate eggs and then little children going to collect the goodies. With all of the hype, we can get lost in the moment and forget what Easter is truly about: Jesus Christ died for your sins by hanging on a cross. Yep. Let me repeat that. Jesus, God’s only son, died on the cross. This is horrible! The man who was supposed to save the world form its lies, strife, anger, and greed has now died. They lay Him in a tomb on a Friday. Everyone is fearful and scared for what’s to come!
But wait- 3 days later, Christ rises form the dead! He’s alive after being dead three days straight! He was and is still alive, and He loves you.
The tomb is empty, so you don’t have to be.
Have a great Easter!
~ Collin

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