Friday Roundup #9


Hello! After a long sabbatical from Friday Roundups and a great week of posts, it’s my job to sort them all out. Without further ado, Friday Roundup #9…

3. We Want Your Feedback! (Christopher)

This is number three because we actually got feedback! And we love it! We really do want to see if we’re doing things right or wrong, or how we can improve! So, drop us a quick note at!

2. The Donkey Can Talk! (Wyatt)

I love this portion of scripture! How cool is it to think that a donkey can talk! Or any animal, for that matter! Sounds like Narnia! But, think how stunned Balaam was, oh wait, he wasn’t. Think I’m kidding? Go read the post right away, you won’t regret it!

1. How To: Survive The Hard Stuff (Christopher)

I don’t really know what to say about this post, because Christopher said it all. If you’re having trouble in your life right now, you probably want to read that post.

Quote of the Week: “Ok, so I’m not going for the “Do what God says or your ride will start talking”, this isn’t Herbie.” (The Donkey Can Talk! – Wyatt) Quick note, if anyone tries that, let me know…

HIRL (Happening In Real Life): IT’S EASTER! HE IS RISEN INDEED! Stay tuned for a special Easter post, coming this weekend!

I really hate to go, but I’m rather busy! Until next time,

~ Collin

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