Sin Is Like A Flower


Let me ask you a few questions (and as always, please be honest):

1. Flowers are always nice, right? Wrong! Technically, a weed is a type of flower. So, when I say flower, I mean a weed.

2. Have you ever sinned? As far as I know, one in every 800 billion people do not sin. (Please let me know if I’m wrong.)

3. When you sin, do you make excuses for your sin? An example? Well, mom didn’t really say, “Don’t open the cookie jar and consume a cookie.” She said,” Don’t eat a cookie.” Therefore, I shall consume one!

4. After you sin once, do you continue in your sin? Let me be honest here, I do. All the time. It takes serious commitment to stop.

As you might already know, sin is a weed. It tears and eats up the conscience until there is no good left to tell you right vs. wrong. The conscience is a moral compass. It tells you what the right things to do are. If you continue in your sin for a long time, however, your moral compass goes bad. It stops working.

What can you do to keep this from happening? Pray that God will point you to the right direction. Keep listen to your conscience. Don’t ignore it.

Oh no! My moral compass is broken! What do I do?!? Just because it’s broken doesn’t mean that you can’t do the right thing! The only problem is that it doesn’t come naturally. Pay special attention to what you are tempted to do. Pray and ask God to guide you.

Until Friday!
~ Wyatt

(APRIL FOOLS! This is Collin…)

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