Do Life REAL

Hello, people of the Internet!


I’d like to start this off with an apology, we have gotten pretty slack on our posts. Life is busy, as I’m sure you all know. Today, I’m going to take a break from my normal SSR, that’s Saturday Song Review, for those of you who are new to Found Who I Am. Instead, I’d like to rant for a little bit. Don’t let that stop you from reading, but just know, I’ve got a lot on my mind.

First things first, I want you to do something for me; Choose your top 3 favorite TV shows. Now, I’m going to ask some questions about them:

1. Do these TV shows have characters whose lives are always crazy? Like always doing something fun and exciting?

2. Are the main character’s parents leading a dysfunctional family? For example, the mom has more authority than the dad, or one of the parents is evil…

3. Are these TV shows making you want to do something crazy, funny, cool, etc.? Making you wish that your life was more eventful, or interesting?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you need to keep reading. Recently I watched Disney’s Good Luck Charlie. Don’t laugh, I was spending quality time with my sister. But as we watched I noticed a pattern. The mom, Amy, has pretty much, control of the household, and the dad, Bob, does whatever Amy tells him to. Not to mention that she is crazy and is in love with the spotlight. Before I go on, I need to say that I don’t agree with everything the show portrays, especially not recently. Anyway, so the kids are all memorable characters with certain traits. PJ, the oldest, is incredibly stupid; Teddy is the normal teenage girl, trying to fit in and be noticed; Gabe, the middle child, is always pulling pranks, making jokes and just being mischievous. Then there is Charlie, who Teddy makes video diaries for, to help her survive their “special family” and lastly, Toby, the newborn.

I’m not pointing this out because I still watch Disney channel, (which I do, but you do too, so don’t judge). I’m not saying this because of the highly dysfunctional parents. I have the great privilege of being raised by loving parents, with a kind sister; nothing too crazy really goes on. We are a normal, ordinary, American family. I love my life, don’t get me wrong, but I watch shows like this one, and I almost WANT dysfunction. I want my life to be crazy, because it looks like so much fun. Then reality comes back and I realize that what I see on TV and what REAL dysfunction is, I’m reminded that I DON’T want it.

God created us to be EXTRAordinary. I think, as Christ-followers, we have an obligation to make the most out of every day God has given us. We don’t need crazy Hollywood dysfunction to be awesome.

Love God, Love your family, Love your life and DO LIFE BIG, DO LIFE REAL. Trust me, we don’t live in a TV world, this is the real world. Let’s make the most of it.




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