One of the Coolest Man-Games Around!


Some brief updates:

First off, we have been slacking off in regards to posting this week! Sorry about that!

Second, Collin is in Florida where he just finished competing in a math competition! I’ll be the first to say that he probably has the smartest brain out of the three of us. And that is why he is unavailable to post today.

Third, did any other cool people fill out NCAA Tourney brackets? I’m tied for third in my family group but all that matters (basketball wise)is……UK vs. U of L tonight baby! If you live in the state of Kentucky, you can totally relate to the intensity of tonight’s game! My family doesn’t even follow them during the regular season (my mom went to UK a long time ago) but it’s always a big deal when they play U of L. Even more so when it’s in the tournament. So, if you have cable or DirecTV or whatever (we don’t but watch it online) and you are going to watch a game tonight, watch the Cats against the Cards.

And for the record, I BLEED BLUE.

Anyway, has anyone reading our blog played paintball before? I’ve been once and it’s fair to say that I loved it! So much so that I’m going tomorrow to play with my dad and some friends from church. And even though the title says that it is a man game, I will say that last time I went we had some girls from our church playing as well and they did just as well as the guys. I’ll never forget the first time I was up in a “castle” and all of a sudden, all of these paintballs started pounding against the wall and scared me half to death! However, I did redeem myself and get 3-4 “tags” so it turned out. All that to say that I encourage you guys to go out and have a healthy, adrenaline pumping game of paintball this spring. If you feel your blood needs to circulate more, just wait until people start trying to hit you.

Real quick, I challenge all of you guys to read through 1 book of the Bible 3-4 times this upcoming week. The more you read something, the better you understand it. I’m going through James and am really enjoying this method.

Have a great weekend!

In Christ,


What plans do you have this weekend? Please comment!



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