Here We Go!!

teach-them-diligentlyThe Found Who I Am team is almost on the road! We are meeting up tomorrow in Nashville, TN to listen and learn. It’s kind of exciting; (a) getting to see old friends, (b) learning more about Homeschooling and God and stuff (maybe even blogging), and (c) simply the experience of a convention. They are a lot of fun; if you are Home-schooled, I encourage you and your family to attend one of these conventions.

It’s exciting, I’ve said that. But, it’s easy to get caught up in what has to be done, and what wasn’t done. What we are doing and what we’re not. What if, instead of just being a part of the hustle and bustle, we do something important. Now, I haven’t talked to the rest of the team, but I’m going to do this anyway. I am going to be in a large hotel with hundreds of homeschoolers and also, non-Christians. You can consider this a blogging challenge. I challenge YOU, (Collin, Christopher, and you at home) to take time when you’re in a crowd this weekend. Find someone who looks like they need prayer, without going up to them or anything, just stop, (you can move out of the way) and pray. For them in particular, for the others around you, for what’s going on. Just pray. Nothing long, or out of your way, but we (myself included) don’t pray like we should. Daniel prayed many times a day, even when it was illegal, but we hardly stop once to do so.

There you go. A challenge. I’m going to push it to Christopher and Collin, you should try it to. It might save someone’s life, literally or figuratively.

Christopher, Collin, you guys stick this to me. This weekend, it’s just you guys and me. We need to pray.

(And, don’t think I’m calling you out. This is more for me and those at home then you guys)

Guys at home, Have a good weekend. I’m pretty sure we’ll keep you updated. As the media guy, I’ll be on Facebook and Twitter.

“Pray continually” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17





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