Teach Them Diligently Week: BREAKING NEWS! (Please share this)


So, the theme for this week is “Teach Them Diligently Week.” “Why,” you ask? Because, the entire Found Who I Am team will be there attending with their families! We are sooo excited for several reasons…but one of the biggest reasons is:

Our team has been working for several months to arrange interviews for our blog with a couple of the speakers at the convention. We are very excited to announce that Mr. Josh Duggar and Mr. Steve Scheibner have agreed to let us conduct a brief interview with them this Friday! We will try to post pictures shortly after, but it depends on how strong our memory is that day! After recording and editing the interviews, we will post them to Youtube and our blog. We don’t know what the time frame for that will be, but we should have them ready before the end of April. A lot of it depends on our school schedule.

Below, we have posted short bios for Mr. Scheibner and Mr. Duggar that we found on the Teach Them Diligently website.

Steve Scheibner:

Steve Scheibner went to bed September 10, 2001 with his bags packed and ready to go. He was scheduled to be the pilot on American Airlines Flight 11, the first airplane to be highjacked on that terrible day. Through an extraordinary set of circumstances Steve was bumped from that flight at the last minute. This rare substitution meant someone else would pilot that plane… someone else would die in Steve’s place. Steve knows firsthand what it means to have someone else die in his place – not once… but twice. His powerful and moving testimony of God’s providence will inspire us to examine our own lives in light of eternity. Are you a “Borrowed-Time” believer or a “Someday-Saint”?

Josh Duggar:

Born and raised in Arkansas, Josh is the oldest son of Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar. He was homeschooled and graduated from High School at the age of sixteen. Josh has been involved in politics for many years and is currently the the Executive Director of FRC Action.

Please share this news to everyone you can. I think these interviews will have some great wisdom in them. Thanks for your help!

Counting down the days,

Christopher O’Rear

Will you be attending Teach Them Diligently? Please comment and leave feedback.

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