Friday Roundup #8


3. Saturday Song Review: March II – Wyatt

Yes, Wyatt loves Jamie (Spelling?) Grace. But, I don’t blame him! Her songs are always uplifting and encouraging, even when you’re feeling really low! Go on over to that post and listen to the song!

2. Your Name – Christopher

I guess this week was song week(?). But, in Matthew West’s song “Hello, My Name Is,” it has a great message. Don’t let regret, defeat, or other monsters get you down! You are a child of the One True King! Hello, my name is Collin. (Cheesy, I know. I got it from the DJs on the radio.)

1. Gideon’s 300 Men – Wyatt

First off, kudos to Wyatt for teaching his youth group! That takes bravery! You know what else takes bravery? Going into battle with 300 warriors, when you started with 32,000! Wow! God is just amazing how He works, isn’t He?

Until Tuesday,

~ Collin

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