Gideon’s 300 men…




Tonight I gave the lesson at our church’s youth group, which is lovingly being dubbed ‘Ignite’. I spoke about Gideon, the little guy in the Old Testament. You’ve heard of Samson, the guy with Hulk-like strength, right? The Bible tells about a time when Samson took out 1,000 guys with a donkey’s jawbone. I’m telling you this to tell you the kind of guy Gideon was. He probably wouldn’t have gone near the dead donkey. I think, a lot of times, we try to be a Samson, but for the most part, we are Gideon. We are small, weak, and scared. That was Gideon, up one side and down the other.

This account is from Judges 6-7. I suggest you read it. It tells of Gideon defeating the Midianites with 300 guys. 300 against thousands, I’d be shaking, running, hiding etc. It’s kinda funny how God uses us, we think He’ll do something big and great, but he does through us little guys, those who He has called to serve him. Gideon didn’t think he could do it. I bet David was scared as he faced Goliath. Moses wouldn’t even talk to Pharaoh.
Here’s another thing: the Bible records that Gideon had thousands of men in the beginning, but God didn’t want to use 32,000, because he didn’t want Israel to boast. He didn’t use 10,000, because Israel would boast. God used 300 men to do an impossible task. All it took was one man to slay a giant (referring to Gideon and David).

So, God wanted to use Gideon, He equipped Gideon, and He humbled Gideon.

God will use us, He wants to use us, He HAS equipped us (not WILL equip us), but we have to be humble. We have to realize that we can’t do anything. If it were up to me to save the world from an eternity of separation from an almighty God, we would all be doomed. Just sayin’.

Guys, this is our call. We are called to make disciples. But the funny thing is, we couldn’t if we wanted to. It takes God’s power in us to bring people to Christ. We can’t do anything without God’s help.

My advice is this: be HUMBLE, but be BOLD. Be STRONG even when you’re WEAK. God WILL use you and me. We just have to let him.


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