February Roundup


This is the last Friday of February, so, I will roundup the 5 best posts of the month.

5. “Life Without God…” – Christopher

“…is like an I sharpened pencil.” Ok, sure, this was eleven words long, but what else can be said that is so true? Billy Graham said this several years ago, and I’m sure if there were pencils in Jesus’ time, many people would have said it as well. Who knows what they would have said? Probably something with a -eth ending. Maybe. Anyway, just remember that if you are in Christ Jesus, your life has a point: to further His Kingdom.

4. Ken Ham vs Bill Nye – Wyatt

After watching the debate, you may have been thinking a lot. Wyatt recaps the whole debate with in-depth analysis, using outside sources as well.

3. What Are You Dying For? – Christopher

I have to admit, when I read this post, it about made me cry. How can we think about getting other things we really want, when God only wants us. Just give yourself to him. It’s much easier said then done. Make a goal this week to give up whatever is keeping you from truly fellowshipping with Him.

2. Will You Step Out Of The Boat? – Wyatt

Wyatt really hit it home this time. To me, Peter is the easiest of the disciples for me to identify with. I’ve heard it’s the same with other people, as well. Who are you going to be like? The man who’s scared to death of offending somebody, the guy who doesn’t want to leave his comfort zone, or are you being the person (like Wyatt) who will step out of the boat, into the storm, and run toward Jesus. As the song by Tenth Avenue North says, “Love is pouring from His hands, from His brow.” I encourage you to step out of the boat this week and into the storm. But stay focused on Jesus, or you might sink, into sin and evil.

1. Are You A Christian Atheist? – Christopher

Ok, so this post kind of hurts. Are you a hypocrite? Your first reaction is probably, “Me?!? Why, I never!” Then go ahead and take a look at Christopher’s post. Take your time. Be honest before God and change anything that needs to be changed.

HIRL: The 2014 Sochi Olympics are over. The US came in second overall medal count, with Russia in first.

Quote of the Month: “Jesus didn’t die for you and me to sit in the boat.”

Well, enjoy your weekend!

~ Collin

By the way, I want to get you guys involved in my Friday Roundups. With that being said, I’m going to put a poll at the end of every Friday Roundup, and add a section called, “Viewers’ Choice.” You can vote on your favorite post of the past week to be featured in the next Friday Roundup.

This week’s poll:

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