Will You Step Out of the Boat?

Imagine this, you are in a decent size boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee with eleven of your closest friends. A storm comes up and you are stuck. But, in the comfort of your boat, you are all safe. One of your friends looks out and sees something walking on the water towards your boat. You are all scared to death, thinking you are seeing a ghost, but the guy says ” Relax, it’s me, Jesus.” That calms you down a bit, but you still can’t believe that Jesus is walking on water. you are even more amazed when your friend says to Jesus, “If it is really you, Lord, tell me to come out to you.” So Jesus tells the guy to get out of the boat and come to him. The craziest part is when your friend ACTUALLY gets out of the boat. and walks, on water, no less, to a man named Jesus. But, when your friend sees the wind and takes his focus off of Jesus, he starts to sink into the sea. Jesus pulls him out and says, “Why did you doubt me?” Then Jesus takes your friend, and gets into the boat. When they are in, the storm just stops.

This actually happened to a group of guys known as Jesus’ disciples. A guy named Peter got out of the boat, and began to sank. But let’s go back. A guy named Peter got out of the boat. Peter didn’t say, “Jesus, if it’s you, come and get in the boat with us.” Peter said, “If it’s you, Jesus, Let ME come to YOU. Let me reiterate my point, PETER GOT OUT OF THE BOAT. Sure, he fell in, but to fall he had to step out onto the water in the first place. A lot of of times, we aren’t like Peter. Most of the time, we are one of the eleven still in the boat. You know, anybody can stay in their boat, but it takes FAITH to go to Jesus, and Jesus is in the storm. Jesus goes to save people. And He would use us to do that, but we can’t do that if we’re in the boat.

I’m not going to take credit for this post. A guy in my Youth Group did lesson tonight, and it was awesome, so, with credit to him, I’m borrowing the idea. One other point he made was, “Jesus didn’t die for you and me to sit in the boat.” As Christians, we’re called to get out in the storm, into the schools, into the world, and let God use us to bring people to him.

If you don’t take anything from this post, take this one point. Jesus didn’t die for us to sit in the boat. Are you going to be like Peter, with the faith to move, or are you going stay in your boat, your comfort zone, in the midst of the storm?

I’m getting out of the boat. I hope you will make the same decision.

Until next time,


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