Saturday Song Review: Febraury #1


Happy (Almost) Valentine’s Day!

This week’s Saturday Song Review will focus on a love song. This love song is about the best relationship I’ll ever have. Ladies and gentlemen, My First Love!

Jamie Grace, everybody! This song is on the young artist’s new album ‘Ready To Fly’, which came into stores just a few weeks ago. I have always been a fan of Jamie’s, but this song caught my attention. Read the lyrics:

I wanna talk about you like all the time,
I wanna tell the whole world that You’re mine,
Write it on the skyline,
Paint it like graffiti,
They can label me whatever, just as long as You believe me,

And You are my song, yeah,
You make me sing, I’ll sing, I’ll sing,

You’re my first love,
Everything about You is love,
Flowing over more than enough,
And I love You, and I love You,
You’re my first love,
Everything about You is so true,
And I just wanna tell You, wanna tell You,
I’ll be forever Yours, yeah,

Everywhere I go, everywhere I sing, everyone I meet,
When they ask me who is this love I’m singing to,
I’ll say it’s you,
So won’t you take my voice,
Take my hands and my feet, Father use this heart,
For whatever You need…

Jamie is simply saying that God, her Father, her Savior, is her first love. I am a Christ-follower, I wanna talk about it, I don’t care what they say, I just want to be believed. Whatever we do, whoever we meet, people should notice that we ARE singing to Him. God loves us, but do we always love him back? I give Jamie Grace points for this one, it is well done, and beautifully sung.

Until next time,


Remember to send me requests to review your favorite christian songs! Even though my reviews are really just getting the music out there, your input is welcome. I do ask that you send through the ‘Contact Us!’ page, or through our email ( Thanks!

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