Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Debate Livestream


We mentioned in a previous post about this timeless debate, but it has apparently become so popular that we decided to mention it again. To watch the live stream, just go to at 7 PM EST. If you go to the site before that time, it is recommended that you sign up to watch it, so you get a an email in your inbox at the time of the debate reminding you that it is time to go to the website to view it.

May truth win!

~ Collin

One Comment Add yours

  1. Brian says:

    Thanks, Collin!
    Truth will win, as it always does. Consider when Christ and Pilate met for His trial. Truth won that day.
    Expect ridicule and condescension from the media and even from many who call themselves Christians. Let that not dissuade you from your firm conviction. Truth always wins.


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