Friday Roundup #2


Alright! Second Friday Roundup. Ever. Here goes at number 3:

3. Saturday Song Review: January (Wyatt Duncan)

As Wyatt said in this post, so catchy, almost makes you want to dance. But not me. I do dance. I think. Anyway, great lyrics in this song make you want to keep pushing through.

2. Believers Around The World (Christopher)

I’ve found Kaka to be a great person and player on and off the field. I also really like the idea of the series of Believers Around The World!

1. What Is Truth? (Christopher)

He said a follow-up to his first post, Why Is Truth Important, might come, and it did. This was a very well-done post about the word truth. Several Bible verses are included, as a bonus. Check it out!

Quote of the week: “The truth is God’s Word, and God’s Word alone.” – What Is Truth? (Christopher)

HIRL: Parts of West Virginia went a total of 4 (I think) days without fresh water after a chemical spill in one of the fresh-water rivers.

So, yeah, that’s it for today’s Friday Round-Up! Enjoy your weekend because “It’s Friiii-day, Friiii-day…”

~ Collin

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