Unquestioned Answers: Part 1


I am participating in a small conference this week. The organization is called Axis, and they made some really good points. Their position is that it’s not the technology, the TV, the smart-phone, the video game, the song or video, that ruins us (as teenagers). It’s not the unanswered questions, It’s the unquestioned answers. So it’s not the technology that’s the issue, it’s what it is telling us. We see over 3000 ads every day and watch over 5 hours of TV every day. Now, I do think that cutting back is a good idea, but using technology isn’t bad. It’s HOW we use that is.

Back to the unquestioned answers thing. Answers, or ideas are being shoved into our faces EVERYWHERE. But we don’t often ask questions and really try to understand what is being shoved at us. This post isn’t an instruction manual on HOW to question the answers, that’ll come later, I’m just putting the thought in your mind. Think about it, and be ready for the next in the series.

Remember, if you ever want me to touch on anything, send me a note and I’ll see what I can do.


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