Saturday Song Review: January


I LOVE music. My brain constantly is playing songs over and over again in my head. But there is so much more to music than just a good song or tune. I’ve decided that one saturday a month, I am going to take a christian song and break it down. This is “Saturday Song Review”.

As we go into a new year, many people think of fun, and parties and spending time together. When, in actuality, a lot of people hurt when it comes Christmas time and when the New Year begins. Not because people can be complete Scrooges, but because these festive times remind them of good memories that they wish they could have again. Whether you have lost a loved one, or are going through a hard time, or are just down in the dumps this month, just remember, God can help you through tough times, and you ARE an Overcomer.

Watch this video of Mandisa’s Overcomer:

Pretty cool song, huh? Fun, catchy, it almost makes me want to dance (I said ALMOST, because I don’t dance). But listen to the words, Mandisa says:

“You’re an overcomer, stay in the fight till the final round. You’re not goin’ under, God is holdin’ you right now!
You might be down for a moment, feeling like it’s hopeless, that’s when He reminds you, you’re an overcomer!”

See, we might feel like it’s not possible, but ‘…With God all things are possible’ (Matt. 19:26 ESV) Mandisa actually wrote this to her friend who was struggling with breast cancer. I know how it feels to have loved ones struggle with cancer, and how it feels when a loved one dies. Some of the most influential women in my life have had this struggle (you know who you are). These ladies fought, and are now some of the strongest ladies I know. It’s amazing how God can use a situation like cancer just to bring someone closer to him. So, even though there is pain, and a constant struggle, He is with you (which happens to be the name of another Mandisa song).

So remember to listen for the meaning of songs and not just to the tune. It really sheds a new light on music. And send in requests of songs for me to review!

Until next time!

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