Friday Roundup #1


This is officially the first ever Friday Roundup post. (And no, the title is not read “hashtag one”). Every Friday, I will attempt to roundup the best posts (not posted by me), quotes, and things Happening In Real Life (HIRL).

Let’s start at number three:

3. Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye (Christopher)

This is at number three just because of how important it is. When tickets went on sale for this event, they sold out in 20 minutes! Definitely pray for Ken Ham to have wisdom during this debate. Also, if able, fast during the day (February 4th).

2. Why Is Truth Important? (Christopher)

A great article on why truth is important and what it does. Christopher said a follow-up post might come, and I’m looking forward to it!

1. There’s No Going Back (Wyatt Duncan)

Wyatt just wrote one post this week, and let me tell you: he knocked it out of the park. No, it wasn’t because I was his best friend, it was just a great summary on what life is and how we should act.

Quote of the week: “You may be the closest thing someone sees to Christ today, and if Christ comes back tomorrow, and that person is eternally separated from God, it might be because you didn’t say anything.” – There’s No Going Back (Wyatt Duncan)

HIRL: Florida State defeated Auburn 34-31 Monday night in the 2014 Vizio® BCS National Championship game. What a game it was. It was easily the best college football game I have ever seen.

Well, until next post, this is Collin, wishing you the best!

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