Why is truth important?


Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.” -Genesis 3:4 NKJV

When you think about it, there is an attack on truth that has been present ever since the very beginning. After God created man, Satan’s first attempt to cause man to stumble was an attack on God’s very words “Ye shall not eat of it (the fruit), neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.” (Genesis 3:3)

Now, obviously, we made the wrong choice in the garden. And this is why Jesus came into the world.

Now isn’t it very interesting that that is how Satan sought to set us against God? He attacked truth. Interestingly enough, John 17:17 says, “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth. “ God cleanses us and sanctifies us by His truth and Word, the Bible. Without truth, we cannot be sanctified. Do you see how important this is? If truth is how we are sanctified, and truth is what Satan first used to cause mankind to fall, truth is the battle. Truth is what Christians have found when they submit to Jesus. Satan knows this, and in order to prevent people from turning to Christ, he fills their minds with doubts and attacks on the truth of Scripture. God and Satan are complete opposites. God’s Words are truth. Satan is the Father of Lies (John 8:44c). It’s truth vs. lies.

Think about it. The truth is who God is. The lie is that He isn’t. The truth is that God’s Word is infallible. The lie says it’s full of errors. The truth is that God created man in His image in order
to have a relationship with God. The lie is that we are the result of random chemicals evolving with no particular reason for existence. The truth is that Jesus Christ was and is God. The lie says He was a good teacher and man. The truth is that are are created eternally and we will spend eternity with or apart from the God of the Universe. The lie is that this life is all.

Truth determines who we are, what’s real, and where we are heading.

Remember this week that truth is the battle and that if you’re a disciple of Christ, you are on the side of truth. And be prepared for the war Satan will try to wage with your mind. Be strong in The Lord and in the power of His might (Ephesians 6:10).

If I remember to do it, I’ll be writing another article on truth titled “What Is Truth?” Until then, please send questions and comments. We would really like to hear from you, hear your opinions, and hear how this blog has impacted you.

In Christ,


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