Is Jesus there?


Is Jesus really there when your whole world is caving in? I can tell you most assuredly: yes, yes, yes. God made you. He wants your life to be awesome and for you to be close to him. So then why doesn’t he just make it easy? Well, just like gold has to go through the fire to be refined, so do hard times sharpen your faith.

Just think: when you are at the end of whatever hardship you might be encountering, you’ll look back and think, “You know what? Collin was right! I’ve grown significantly in my faith, my walk with Christ has improved, and now I can help people with whatever they’re struggling with! Woo-hoo”

While that might not happen, just remember this: when all else fails, call on Jesus. He will help you through the difficult time that you are encountering and you’ll make it through alright! Just keep pushing hard!

Because this is my first post ever, please comment and let me know if this helped at all or if there is anything else that should be added!

~ Collin

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